From the print data you provide we create professional, photorealistic 3D-packshots – from a perspective in 360°.

In high-res for print applications as well as in low-res for online presences, web shops, presentations etc.


“It is distressing to see how many bad images of products are used online, for social media and in print. The quality of the pack shot is often diametrically opposed to the quality of the products and the communicated brand identity.”



YOURPACKSTOCK renderings work out less expensive than high-quality photo shoots, because:

  • In the product development phase, no additional shoots are necessary, even if many changes have to be made.
  • No sample packaging has to be built.
  • No expensive retouching is required (no cropping necessary, no faulty packaging, no printing grids).
  • The administrative work is minimal (only the packaging print file has to be forwarded).
  • Product image and animation are created simultaneously.

In summary: the total costs for photo shoots tend to always exceed the costs of YOURPACKSTOCK renderings.


  • Photo shoots have to be planned and prepared long in advance, and photo studios have to be booked.
  • YOURPACKSTOCK provides you with photo-realistic renderings as early as in the product development phase, i.e. long before the product launch.
  • In the case of changes to the design (language mutations, text revisions, visual amendments), the adjustments can be made quickly – no new photo shoots or retouching necessary.
  • All your 3D YOURPACKSTOCK images can immediately be run on all common print formats and online applications.


  • High-quality 3D pack shots of your packaging that easily top the quality that you would get from photography.
  • No edges, tears, or faulty packaging, no printing grids.
  • Colour fidelity, as your original packaging file is being used.
  • Bottles, tubes, pots, and other special forms of packaging come out better in digital pack shots.
  • Package refining (metallic effects, embossments, gloss paint, pantone colours etc.) can be more easily visualised and controlled.
  • Standardised branding across the entire product range (perspective, light, shape etc.) for years.
  • 360° animation and 3D view from all positions for all applications without additional effort or cost.


We manage your product visualization files in a well-structured database. You and selected partners of your company (subsidiaries, advertising agencies, marketing & PR departments, etc.) have access to this database with individual log-ins; therefore you always work with the latest version of the product.

As an additional feature, you can rotate the selected product 360° and download the perfect visualization from the position you need.


Please contact our team for further information and details.

We gladly advise you personally and on site, at no obligation, and we develop individually customised solutions for your company in collaboration with you.


Dirk Brennenstuhl 


Dirk Brennenstuhl